21 incredible images of our world snapped from space

21 incredible images of our world snapped from space

June 8, 2022 Off By editor

Sometimes the world can be a much more revealing place if you take the time to see things from different angle. These incredible angled images captured by Planet Labs SkySat satellites reveal the world from 280 miles up, showing off the contours of our amazing planet.

This fantastic imagery gives the impression of 3D mapping rather than photos and some will make you look twice.

Planet Labs does some incredible work when it comes to satellite imagery. The company operates a mass of satellites in regular orbit of the planet capturing and broadcasting photos in near real-time. This also allows for some pretty impressive time-lapse imagery like this video of the Apple Campus being constructed.

We’ve gathered some of the best images to show you just how impressive our planet is, even from all those miles above the surface. Be sure to take a look at the full gallery to see more. 

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/cameras/news/144529-incredible-images-of-our-world-snapped-from-space