47 photos that flip your perspective of the world

47 photos that flip your perspective of the world

January 27, 2022 Off By editor

Instagram is awash with photographers who are obsessed with using depth of field techniques to create incredible shots and astound the eye. Throw in a few refractions, reflections and real-world locations and you’ve got a perfect mix to create some great looking photos. 

In admiring some of these images we came across a simple glass ball known as Lensball being introduced to capture a new perspective on the world. This little glass sphere creates some pretty interesting effects in already amazing images. 

Check out some of the best images we found during our Instagram travels and if you’re as amazed as we were then you can buy your own Lensball.


Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/cameras/news/instagram/144589-incredible-instagram-images-that-reflect-our-reality