Canon PowerShot PX wants to be your personal digital photographer

Canon PowerShot PX wants to be your personal digital photographer

December 18, 2021 Off By editor

It’s been quite some time since we’ve written about a Canon PowerShot camera – because the compact camera market has been diminishing and far fewer such products are being released. Canon’s late 2021 take on the PowerShot, in the PX smart camera, is a rather turned-on-its-head idea for the brand though.

The Canon PowerShot PX is a smart camera that you charge up, place within your home, then leave to its own device so it’ll go about “capturing candid moments”. We get it: this is Canon’s idea of having a digital photographer in your home, able to automatically compose, capture and present best-pick shots back to you at the end of each week.

But we also don’t get it at all: this is an always-watching camera that’s constantly taking pictures of you and whoever is around your home. Would you really want that? It also costs £450/$500, so it’s really expensive.

The PX can rotate through 340 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically to enable its all-seeing lens to always be looking for the next shot, using facial recognition to lock onto subjects and take a snap.

Its built-in rechargeable battery makes it portable so you can easily pick it up and place it elsewhere around your home – or even take it outside – for various different compositions. Using the Canon app it’s possible to see the camera’s live-view, too, so you can then manually control and shoot through the PX wirelessly.

So this is the vision of PowerShot for 2021: a supposed smart digital photographer. It’s not exactly a new idea, though, as about a decade ago Sony revealed the Party-Shot, which could rotate on a stand and automatically capture via a Cyber-shot camera… and we don’t need to tell you how that product’s life went, do we?

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