Huge GoPro Hero 10 spec and image leak reveals all

Huge GoPro Hero 10 spec and image leak reveals all

January 18, 2022 Off By editor

A detailed leak with images and specs shows GoPro’s next camera in its entirety and – if accurate – give about as full a picture of the Hero 10 Black as we could hope for ahead of launch. 

From the outside, it appears GoPro is going to use the same design as the Hero 9 Black, but has replaced the branding on the body with bright blue instead of white, to make it visually distinctive. 

Apart from that it looks very much like the Hero 9. It has the colour screen on the front for framing yourself, plus the same button and mic layout. It also means we should see GoPro continue its approach when it comes to mounting the camera, in that the mounting arms are built into the camera’s body.


It’s in camera performance we’re likely going to see the biggest change. At least, if the leaked specs published by WinFuture are to be believed. 

The camera is said to be powered by a new GP2 processor which enables twice the performance of its predecessor, while also making low light video better and improving the HyperSmooth technology by making it available in more shooting modes. 

These published specifications claim the camera will be able to shoot up to 5.3K resolution at 60 frames-per-second, or 4K up to 120 frames-per-second. If true, that means fast and sharp pictures like we’ve never seen on a GoPro before. 

As well as improving HyperSmooth, the report claims GoPro is going to increase the incline limit for the horizon levelling feature. 

It’s claimed it will use the same battery as the Hero 9 Black, and is rumoured to be launching on 16 September with a price of around €539 in Europe without GoPro’s subscription. 

If the release date is accurate it means we don’t have much time to wait before we found out how many of these specs are genuine. Stay tuned. 

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