Insta360 launches the One RS 2-in-1 modular action camera

Insta360 launches the One RS 2-in-1 modular action camera

March 23, 2022 Off By editor

You may remember Insta360 launching a wildly modular 2-in-1 action camera back in 2020.

The Insta360 One R was an unusual camera that allowed users to switch between action camera mode and 360 camera mode by simply swapping over the lens module.

Now, it’s receiving a second generation, in the form of the Insta360 One RS.

The One RS may look similar at first glance, but the new camera has seen a plethora of upgrades compared to the previous model.

The new core module has an additional microphone for improved audio recording, faster Wi-Fi connectivity and, most importantly, more processing power for improved in-camera stabilisation.

The battery, too, has been improved and now offers more capacity as well as one-hour charging.

Arguably the most exciting upgrade is the new 4K Boost lens, this features a larger 1/2-inch sensor that is capable of producing 48MP still images and 4K 60fps videos.

The new lens can shoot Active HDR video which massively boosts dynamic range whilst keeping the video stabilised and minimizing ghosting effects.

It can also shoot 6K widescreen video in a cinematic 2.35:1 ratio, taking advantage of the full 48MP sensor.

What’s more, Insta360 has made sure that all modules are cross-compatible, so existing users will be able to upgrade the lens module alone, for example.

The new camera system will be available in a variety of bundles – but the best value is found with the Twin Edition, which includes both the 4K boost lens and the 360 lens for a price of $549.99 / £499.99.

The Insta360 One RS is available from today and you can check out our review here.


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