Macro Photography: Get inspired with these amazing macro photos

Macro Photography: Get inspired with these amazing macro photos

January 9, 2022 Off By editor

The beauty of macro photography is that it captures details not visible with the naked eye. It transports us into entire worlds that we’re not normally privy to and has become an incredibly popular photography technique, for both research and entertainment purposes.

Being able to study snowflakes, the eyes of insects and how light bounces off a soap bubble can reveal hidden gems and insights that can be used for scientific and technological purposes.

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Technically speaking, macro photography (also known as photomacrography), is a way of capturing extreme close-ups of tiny subjects. This is what makes macro photography of insects so appealing. The term refers to the fact that the size of the subject in the photograph appears at least as large as it does in real life, if not greater than life-size. A macro lens is, therefore, a lens capable of reproduction ratios of at least 1:1.

The best macro photography is captured by DSLRs fitted with “true” macro lenses or extension tubes, yet many phones can now be fitted with macro-style lenses to rival these more expensive setups, and some like the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max come with macro lenses. 

To inspire you in your macro photography projects, or simply help you escape the humdrum of work, here are some of the best macro photography shots on the web, and some we’ve taken ourselves. 

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