Rode launches VideoMic Go II, improving sound capture and adding USB-C output

Rode launches VideoMic Go II, improving sound capture and adding USB-C output

January 13, 2022 Off By editor

Rode has just announced a new version of its popular, portable microphone: the VideoMic Go. Unsurprisingly, it’s called the VideoMic Go II, and comes with a host of new features. 

The most obvious difference is the redesign of the microphone itself. In a lot of ways, it’s a miniaturised version of Rode’s professional NTG and NTG5 shotgun mics. 

That means, rather than have quite a basic all-foam exterior, the unit looks and feels like a tiny shotgun mic, and has the same acoustic design as those aforementioned NTG-series microphones. 

Like any good shotgun mic, it’s also “highly directional” and means you can use it to record vlogs, pieces to camera and talking head style shots, and ensure the main audio captured is the talent’s voice, rather than lots of background noise. 

Rode’s latest portable mic also comes with a new USB-C connector, as well as the usual 3.5mm TRS output, for connecting to almost any recording device you can think of. 

That means whether you want to connect it to your camera, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can do so. And using the USB-C connector also means it’s compatible with Rode’s suite of mobile and desktop apps like Rode Connect, Rode Central and Rode reporter. 

It’s a passive mic, which means no batteries required, and also means it’s incredibly lightweight. At just 89 grams and 150mm long, it’s easy to carry around and ships with a shock absorbing mount with a cold-shoe mount for easy camera mounting. 

The Rode VideoMic Go II launches today, and will only set you back $99 in the US if you decide to buy one. We’re still waiting on UK/European pricing. 


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