Samsung reveals 576MP camera sensor that might eventually make it to your phone

Samsung reveals 576MP camera sensor that might eventually make it to your phone

January 19, 2022 Off By editor

Remember the good old days of chasing megapixels? It was a simple one-to-one ratio to show how good your camera was. And while megapixels still play a part in image quality, the idea of computational photography took over, using the processing power of the phone to enhance the images, creating something far better than the small sensors ever could.

But there’s still something to be said for a large swathe of pixels that make an image pop. And so Samsung just revealed a whopping 576MP camera sensor. A solid flex in any regard. Now, this won’t be coming to your phones any time soon (or perhaps at all), but it’s still worth speaking about, as the tech will undoubtedly trickle down in some way.

The new sensor is to be released in 2025 with a focus on drones, automobiles, and for medical use. The new 576MP sensor was revealed during a presentation at the SEMI Europe Summit, where the timeline for the sensors was also revealed, as you can see below.

You can clearly see the most up to date 108MP sensor that’s currently being used in Samsung’s handsets, while the 200MP sensor – called the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 – will fill in one of the gaps to the 576MP beast.

As mentioned, it wasn’t designed for use in smartphones, but this doesn’t rule it out in the future. The pixel size comes in at 0.8µm, which isn’t the smallest available, and so leaves room for improvement. The whole sensor is 1/0.57″ big, leaving quite a bit of speculation whether it will ever be able to fit on a phone. With some adjustments, and perhaps a reduction of pixel size to at least 0.64µm as we see on the current 108MP sensor, we might see something in the future. But that will also create quite a massive camera bump on its own. Either way, some interesting developments from the Korean manufacturer.

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