What is a nano shot lens, and is it good?

What is a nano shot lens, and is it good?

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Until now, most smartphone camera lenses have only been capable of capturing details seen by the human eye. If something was too small for the human eye, a smartphone camera wouldn’t capture that detail either. But thanks to the cutting-edge nano shot lens, an entirely new world of microscopic organisms has opened up to your photographic capabilities! This article explores the new nano shot lens’ features and whether it’s worth the investment.

What is a nano shot lens?

The nano shot lens is an extension of a smartphone camera that allows you to capture microscopic details with optimal, high-definition clarity. It facilitates 200x high-definition zoom and allows you to capture the microscopic world with vibrant colours. You can use your smartphone to capture details that could previously only be captured with a microscope. You can also store the images on your smartphone and share them with friends, taking the possibilities of DIY photography to a whole new level.

How does a nano shot lens work for your phone?

The nano shot lens is an extremely simple and user-friendly extension for your smartphone. It comes with a clasp that can be attached to your smartphone, following which the camera lens gives you crystal clear images. Working with the nano shot lens includes four simple steps:

  1. Clamp the nano shot lens onto your smartphone.
  2. Align the nano shot lens with your camera.
  3. Long-press the button underneath the lens for the fill light.
  4. Use your phone to capture images in microscopic detail.

Which phones do nano shot lenses work for?

Does a nano shot lens work on an iPhone?

The nano shot lens has an adjustable clasp that can be attached to any smartphone, including an iPhone. However, you may have to remove the phone case, depending on its thickness. 

Does a nano shot lens work on Android phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy range?

The nano shot lens can be clasped onto Android smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy range. You may have to remove the phone case, depending on its thickness.

However, some older smartphone cameras aren’t sharp enough to provide clear images. You should ideally use an advanced smartphone to maximize the nano lens’ capabilities.

Does a nano lens require an app?

The nano lens doesn’t require an app. You can simply clasp the lens against your smartphone’s camera lenses. The nano lens will magnify your camera’s inbuilt lens, allowing you to achieve crystal clear microscopic images. No need for apps or complex installation.

What are nano shot lenses used for, and who uses them?

Nano shot lenses can magnify the capabilities of your smartphone cameras. When the device is attached, it can provide 200x high-definition zoom, allowing you to capture microscopic details of the world around you. You can capture microscopic details of leaves, flower petals, the wings of butterflies, and other natural organisms. This item is ideal for nature photography enthusiasts and anyone curious about the world.

While the nano shot lens can be used by anyone, it’s primarily used by wildlife photographers who want to capture the microscopic world without carrying heavy equipment and lenses. The nano shot lens is also popular amongst geologists and paleontologists who want to capture the internal anatomies and structures of gems and fossils. Jewellers also use the nano shot lens to verify the quality of diamonds.

A nano shot lens is also a brilliant tool for little children. Kids can spend hours at a stretch observing various aspects of the natural microscopic world without even stepping out of their homes. And educators can use the nano lens as a tool to make the study of plant and animal biology more engaging, showcasing the wonders of the microscopic world instead of focusing purely on theory.

The following are some of the groups of people who can use the nano shot lens:

  • Wildlife photographers
  • Geologists
  • Paleontologists
  • Biologists
  • Botanists
  • Jewelers
  • Nature enthusiasts
  • Educators
  • Children
  • Everyday people

What alternatives are there to a nano shot lens?

The Natural History Museum recently designed a pocket microscope that provides 40x magnification, making it capable of observing the microscopic details of the natural world. It also includes a powerful inbuilt light that reveals the smallest of details. The pocket microscope also includes two specimen slides and a lens cleaning cloth.

The NHM pocket microscope isn’t exactly the same as the nano lens – it can’t be attached to your smartphone camera and only provides 40x zoom (as opposed to 200x zoom). But even with those major differences, the NHM pocket microscope is the closest alternative to the ingenious nano shot lens.

Nano shot lens vs. NHM pocket microscope

The nano shot lens and the NHM pocket microscope have clear differences. The nano shot lens is an extension of your smartphone camera, so it magnifies the visuals seen in your camera. Once you attach the lens to your smartphone, you can use your phone to view the microscopic world and take shareable snapshots. Furthermore, with 200x high-definition zoom, the nano shot lens provides an extremely powerful microscopic capability.

The NHM pocket microscope isn’t an extension of your smartphone lens – it can’t be connected to your smartphone at all. Instead, it functions as a miniature microscope – you can use it to look at microscopic organisms with 40x zoom. Since you can’t connect the NHM pocket microscope to your smartphone, you can’t capture or share the images you see. Even the zoom isn’t as powerful as the nano shot lens.

NHM pocket microscope pros:

  • In-Built Light: The NHM pocket microscope features an in-built light that allows you to view microscopic organisms in dim-light and dark conditions.
  • Specimen Slides: The NHM pocket microscope comes with specimen slides where you can place the objects and organisms you want to study.
  • Portability: The NHM pocket microscope had dimensions of 11.5cm x 8cm x 3cm, making it small enough to carry anywhere you go.
  • Independent Use: The NHM pocket microscope can be used independently – it doesn’t have to be connected to a smartphone.
  • Ergonomic: The NHM pocket microscope has a solid, ergonomic hand grip, making it easy to study specimens for extended periods without discomfort.
  • Cheap: The NHM pocket microscope only costs £12 or US$15, making it highly affordable.

Nano lens pros:

  • 200x Magnification: The nano shot lens can magnify your phone’s camera by 200x, allowing you to see microscopic details of the world in high-definition clarity.
  • Lightweight: The nano shot lens is an extremely lightweight device that can be clipped to your smartphone, so it essentially becomes a part of your smartphone.
  • Store/ Share Photos: The nano shot lens allows you to capture, store, and share high-definition images, making it suitable for the digital/ social media age.
  • Large Screen: You don’t have to squint to see the organisms through a microscope’s lens – the images are clearly visible on your smartphone’s large screen.

Verdict: should you invest in a nano shot lens?

Whether you should invest in a nano shot lens depends on your specific goals. If you’re a professional wildlife photographer, botanist, biologist, or even a curious student, getting a nano shot lens is a no-brainer. You can even purchase the lens for your children, so their curiosity is piqued enough to make them explore the microscopic world.

But the nano shot lens isn’t cheap. If you plan to use it frequently, the fun and utility of the device can easily offset the cost. But if you aren’t particularly curious about the natural world and don’t intend to capture/ share images of the microscopic world, you might be better off with a budget-friendly NHM pocket microscope.

The final decision comes down to your specific goals and needs.

  • You can visit the official Nano shot lens site here

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